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I had a dream.

It was summer and I was at the beach, it was empty.  I wore a white dress with a black ribbon tied around my neck to hold the dress up.  I was standing in knee deep water, holding black heels in my hand.  My blue hair matched the sky and water as it blew in the wind, I couldn't remember why I was there except I was enjoying the view.

Then that's when I saw musical notes floating through the air and somewhere, the words came from, in a melody that matched the notes.

I know you now,
I reach your mind.
You've shown me how
What I could find
On the inside,
There you will see,
We're all alike,
You and me

Without warning, a violent wind blows and I shield my eyes.  When I open them again, the notes and the voice are gone.


"Can you hear me?"

I can barely register the voice, it sounds more like a distance memory; the voice continues.

"Miss Malfoy, if you can hear me, I am Himeko Sawa, the first Lieutenant of the ship Tout L'oeil De Vue.  I would like to assure you that you are in safe hands."

Sawa?  Lieutenant?

Suddenly a sharp pain spiked in my left eye, reflexes kicked in and pulled my hands over my eyes but instead I was pulling on some straps.  I opened my eyes, my left side was completely blind with darkness while my right was blinded by a bright light.  Squirming, I pull against straps that covered my body.

What the…? I thought when loud beeps and yelling was surrounding me but everything was faint sounding.  I'm deaf and blind?

Panic courses through my blood, I couldn't see and could barely hear.  Tugging harder, I try to get free but suddenly a wave of air comes over me and ice cold hands hold me down.

Help!  No, I don't want to die!  Let me go!

I try to scream but it seems even my voice has failed me, the hands hold me tighter and I feel myself getting very tired.  More hands and voices come now, my strength is depleting fast and I feel myself easing in their grip.

"Calm down Ms. Malfoy, I promise that you'll be safe." Assured the voice.

Flashbacks start playing of Christmas Eve, grimacing, I recall every detail and suddenly I think to myself.

This must be heaven…or hell.


Groaning, I woke up in a hospital room.  Quickly I sit up and look around, white walls with a single bed, flowers and balloons decorated the tables.  Get Well Soon cards were scattered around with the balloons matching.

It was a dream I think to myself and let my heart calm down, what the hell was that all about?

Pulling my knees to me, I let go of the breath that I didn't know I was holding and relax.  Then I reach over and pluck a flower out of a vase.  Gardenias, sweet peas, bluebells of Scotland and more different types, covered the room.  Each flower a shade of blue, dyed or naturally colored like that makes no difference.

I stand up with no problems and go over to a vase of blue roses, blue hydrangeas and midsummer night blooms, taking a few sniffs.  My mother is the only person who knows which flowers I love above the rest.

"You're awake."

Expecting to see my mother, I quickly stand away from the flower and turn to see my guest but instead of my mother, an unknown woman is standing at my door holding more flowers.  She has long black hair and ruby red eyes, her clothes were military.

"Hello?  Can I help you?" I ask, sensing my confusion, she places the flowers on a table and stands up straight, her hands folded in her lap.

"The doctors said that you might not remember.  Hello, I am Himeko Sawa, the first Lieutenant of the ship Tout L'oeil De Vue."

"Okay?  Hello" trying to be polite I waited for her to say whatever was on her mind but she instead gestures to the bed.  I sit back down as she takes her seat in a chair nearby and continues.

"Your body was discovered three weeks ago, the doctors have said that you were born in the early twentieth century, correct?"

"Actually I was born on December second, two thousand and two.  That's the twenty first century" I corrected her, feeling hostile.

Who are you to come asking me questions!?  I demand you get out of my room and tell my mom to get in here!

"That is better then, I regret to inform you that you were in an accident."

Flashbacks of the night come flooding back, for the second time, and I simply nodded.

"How are my friends?  Did the other driver survive?  Is my mom outside?" I blurted out without giving her a time to respond.

"I have more news, I would like for you to hold all your questions until I am finish and then I will answer every question to the best of my ability."

Typical doctor response.  I agree and she takes a deep breath.


Lieutenant Sawa informed me of what I have missed while I was in my coma.  The fact that I was in a coma was a bit shocking but the rest of the news made me care less.

The accident was big news, my friends had died in the crash, almost instantly.  The other driver was killed hours later, due to blood lost.  He was drinking and lost control of the wheel, he had two kids with him in the car that died in the explosion.  No one can explain how I survived, but my body was missing, until three weeks ago.  On paper, I am dead and was buried in the cemetery where my grandmother was buried.

I was currently in the 51st century, exact year was 5013.  Earth was still around, thankfully, but considered a hazardous zone.  There are actions being taken in order to make Earth safe again, but for the time being, we have moved onto other planets and space colonies.  Mankind is safe and living.

That was all she could tell me, but for the time being, I would take up residence in Tout L'oeil De Vue, a secret military space ship.  There are no civilians onboard but there are other people from near my time era that I could possibly connect with.

They sign me out of the hospital, which I realize isn't a normal hospital.  It was made for quiet cases, such as wittiness protection.  It's three stories high, the first floor has no rooms except for ER so they must have had very little rooms.  And now mentioning it, I did not see one patient as we exited.

We drove to a motel, a funky looking one at that.  I gave her a worried look but she got out the car and I followed.

"Maybe everything has changed, I thought this was a motel" I laugh.

She doesn't bother looking at me as we walk up to main desk, "It is a motel."


"Wait out here."

"Um…okay?"  As if I have anywhere else to go.

Lieutenant Sawa goes into the office as I stand outside.  Walking back to the car, I took off my jacket and threw it on the car because I was sweating too much.  The hospital gave me the clothes I was found in, my coat, dress and heels.  Before I fell into the coma, it was winter and I was on Earth, now it looks like summer and I'm not on Earth.

She couldn't bring me spare clothes?  I would have taken anything.  Oh my god, I haven't bathed in almost three thousand years!  How long have I been in a coma anyways?  If this is 5013…I got into the accident in 2021…that's three thousand…but thirteen minus twenty one?  Negative eight, so…three thousand take away eight?  Jesus!  I've been asleep for two thousand, nine hundred and ninety two years!  If I even date anyone, that would be cradle robbing!

"What's wrong Ms. Malfoy?"

Crying and sniffling, I turn to the woman, "I'm so old, I'm three thousand and eleven years old."

"No you're not" Lieutenant Sawa corrected, "it's September 4th so you're birthday hasn't passed."

A year doesn't make a difference!  I cry on the hood of the car, she picks up my coat and throws it over her arm.

"We don't have time to mourn over your age, I informed everyone that you were here so I suggest we hurry inside the ship."

Sadly, I follow the lieutenant into a motel room.  She lets me in first, my nose cringes at the room for the scent of cheep hookers fill my nostrils.  I quickly cover my nose and she pats my shoulder, leading me into the bathroom.  My stomach did a summersault, it reeked of vomit, more cheep hooker and faintly of paid sex.

Oh my god, I'm being sold into prostitution!

As if she sensed that I was about to run, she pushes me into the shower, "Relax, it'll all be over soon."

"What!?" I screech as I tried to hop out of the tub but she did something on the wall and the wall that the shower knobs were on, flipped!  Taking me for a ride with it.

I stepped back from the wall, I was now in a dark room with no way of seeing but my mind was cruel, and imagined the inside.

This is how they get young girls into the human trade business!  My first day in this world and I'm being sold into human trafficking!  What did I do that was so bad?  This is all my dad's fault!  I hope he's happy in hell!

"Sorry for taking so long" Lieutenant Sawa came through the wall just like I did, "I was having a problem pushing the panel from inside the tub.  I tell people that they should move it closer but they don't seem to listen."

With a soft click, a flip of a switch lights the hall way.  The lieutenant stared at me, I was standing up but holding onto myself and shaking.  I didn't even notice that I had started crying, I probably looked like a pathetic lost dog.

"What happened?" she blurted out and quickly held onto my arms.

Where's a Twix bar when you need one?  "I-I-I thought t-that...I don't want to be sold into trafficking!" I screamed out and hugged her tightly.

She looks as lost as I am but hugged me back anyways.

After a minute or two, I collected whatever was left of my dignity and we walked down the hall, me making her promise not to tell anyone.  She figured out what I was talking about.  It seems human trafficking still survives, even in the far future with space ships and everything.

We walked down the hallway which leads directly to an open hall, much like a university would have or space ships on television.  From what I could tell, we're on the second floor and there were a lot of floors above but below us was something similar to a waiting room.  Couches were around, in the middle was a floor with water running around it.  I remember seeing something similar on a show called Dollhouse but Lieutenant urges me through some doors.

I follow her blindly until we reach the command room, which is obvious by the floating chairs with virtual screens hovering around them.  The scene matched what the science fiction novels had written about, the room was about two floors high.  The first floor had the hovering chairs and such while the second floor had normal chairs that were planted on the ground.

"First Lieutenant Sawa, welcome back Ma'm." shouted an officer in a chair.

Everyone on the second floor level stood up and saluted us while the floating chair crew obviously couldn't.  Lieutenant Sawa saluted them back and they proceeded back to whatever they were doing.

"What do you think, Ms. Malfoy?"

Not bothering to answer, I run over to center piece which I would guess be the captain's chair, it looked as if came out of the wall.  The raven hair woman pushed me up and into the chair without warning and the chair moved into position.

"Wait a minute!  I can't drive this thing!" I screamed but she laughed at me.

"There's nothing to drive, we're not moving."

Obviously.  I hit my head and stuck my tongue out as I ease into the chair, the window/screen was probably the same size as the screens in movie theaters.  Carefully leaning over, I scoped out what everyone was doing.  An officer with electric green hair caught me looking.

"Wondering what we're doing?" he shouted from below, I nodded, "Even though we're not moving, we have to monitor the ship.  The oxygen levels, fuel amount, temperature and also we're making modifications."

"Wow, a ship is like a baby then."

He laughs charmingly, "A baby that we all are proud to take care of."

"Where were you when I was alive?" I whisper as the chair lowers itself into the position I originally found it.

Lieutenant Sawa was just walking away from a computer as I came back down, "Are you ready for your room?"

"Sure!  Is it as big as this room?"

Some of the officers laughed, Lieutenant Sawa just sighed happily, trying not to laugh I would think, "No, it's much smaller but still plenty of room for a growing woman."

"Can I fit that guy with me?" I pointed out the officer with the green hair.

His laughter made my ears ring, "How about I just visit you sometimes?"


The room erupted with laughter as I was escorted out.  Everyone seemed to be decent, wait until they found out how old I was.


My room or 'courtiers', as the ship term is, is as big as a master bed room!

A circular queen size bed sat in the middle, it had flowing canopies on top, with an excessive amount of pillows and stuff animals neatly placed on the bed.  I half expected it to start turning around but I was disappointed.  The floors were made out of bamboo, exactly how my old room was, bamboo is the best.

From where I stood, I could see a bit of the closet and it looked like a walk in closet, which I never had as a child.  That wasn't all though, near the door I had a large desk for writing or drawing, I would guess, with a hovering chair!

Flowers covered my room, much like at the hospital, vases of all my favorite flowers covered all the corners.  The room was shaded from white to ice blue, I would have believed that an interior designer had created my room.  My mouth hung the entire time, I slip out of my heels and run across the room.

"How do you like it?" she asks, stupidly.

"I am in love!" I squeal while I run into the closet, confirming my suspicions.  It was a walk in closet, empty but still.  She hung my coat in a side closet that was well hid on the left side of the entrance.

"I'm glad that you like it, we sent Jade all your information and she told us to set it up like this."

"Where is Jade?  I want to bow at her feet, she has perfect taste!"

The lieutenant giggled, "Jade is still away on her mission.  We couldn't figure out what clothes you would like, we bought a few items in the mean time.  Later today or tomorrow, you can take Officer Kamui and go shopping."


She waves her hand at me, "First things first, the clothes are in the dresser towards the bathroom, bathe and relax."

I agree and she leaves, as soon as the door slides close I take off to the bathroom.  As she said, a change of clothes was in a plain white dresser.  It was a white shirt that could pass as a guy's shirt with a pair of hip hugging jeans.

Almost fainting, I saw my bathroom.  It was big but not overly big, it had a jacuzzi in the corner but a shower stall a few feet next to it.  The sink was huge with a large mirror attached to it but the mirror faced the wall and not the shower.  Another door leads to a closet full of towels, soap, toilet paper and cloths.  The best part about the bathroom, was that a wall hid the toilet from plane view, not that I would ever worry about someone coming in.

"Pinch me, I must have died and went to heaven."

I turned to the mirror to put my clothes down but stopped.  My once ice blue hair was now a forest green mixed with blue, looking not very attractive.  Even my eyes had change color, turning into a green color that matched my hair.  My left eye, being the odd ball, changed color but not like my right eye, it looked blue that was mixed with green.

"Wow, my hair changed color…and hasn't grown?  That's beyond creepy, I expected it to be like Rapunzel, well I can just re-dye my hair blue."

Shrugging it off, I took a two thousand, nine hundred and ninety two year late shower.


Half an hour later, I was brushing my hair in my new clothes when I finally heard the knock on the door.

"Come in" I sat on my bed and finished towel drying my hair.

Walks in is this Asian Adonis.

He is a bit taller than me, dyed orange/blonde hair on top that his blackish brown roots are showing but it makes him look handsome.  Dark gray eyes stare at me, they must be fake or else I am going to take him right on the floor!

He wore a uniform, though it looked futuristic but the same signature was on his chest that was on Sawa's uniform.  The uniform showed off his perfectly sculpted body.

"I'm Gakuto Kamui, you're personal escort.  Lieutenant Sawa wants to see you in her office as soon as you're ready."

Nodding rapidly, he takes my hand in his and we exit my room.  He notices my silence and tries to break the ice.

"What's your name?" he asks nicely.

Whispering, I reply "Miya."

"That's a pretty name."

"Thank you."

Again we're in silence, people pass by and wave at Gakuto while I feel left out.

"Hey, why is my hair green?"  I ask, out of the blue.

He raises an eyebrow, "You daddy's genes?"

I give a soft laugh and roll my eyes playfully, "My hair is naturally brown but I dyed it blue before the accident, why is it green?  Not to mention my eyes."

"Oh that?  It happens to everyone, well everyone that we know who comes from another time era, your hair is permanently that color.  You can dye it to a color if you want."

I jumped, my hair is forever green?  Couldn't it be forever blue?  I could deal with that!  "And my eyes?"

The muscles in his arm flexed, I had forgotten that I was currently holding onto him still, "That is something Lieutenant Sawa can tell you."

We reach a room that he types in a code, the doors open to show two people, one of them is Lieutenant Sawa but the other is a boy.  Gakuto leads me to a chair that is across the boy as he sits beside me and closer to the red eye woman.

The other boy has messy blue hair which reminds me of my hair dye and matching eyes, unlike everyone else, he wore a black high collar shirt with matching pants.  Around his neck was a black choker with a cross hanging from it.  He didn't even look at me when I walked in but was whispering to Lieutenant Sawa.

"Miya, was Officer Kamui pleasant?" she asks me with a straight face.

I blush at the thought of 'pleasant' and the bluenette huffs at me, "Yes, he explained about my hair.  I don't know how blue can turn into green.  He said to ask you about my eye changing colors though."

"Yeah Himeko, enlighten her."

Gakuto glared at the boy, "Watch how you address her, Flame."

"Watch how you address me, Gakuto" the boy glared back.

Is this a man territory thing? I think while watching the two have a stare contest.

"Will you two act your age?  I don't run a daycare center, if you two want to argue then take it outside" Lieutenant Sawa stated plainly.

I didn't think that her tone would work but almost instantly, the two boys broke eye contact and looked away.  She then turned to me and offered a kind smile.

"Miya, I didn't tell you everything at the hospital.  Let me introduce you to David Frost, code name Blue Flame, he is like you.  He's from the year 2009 so that makes you only two years older."

"Hi David" I wave but he just ignores me, and the lieutenant goes on.

"David was found almost two years ago, I am his guardian for the time being."

Then why is he such an ass? I think as I eye the bluenette.

Gakuto leans over to me and whispers, "Don't mind half the crap he says."

I cover my mouth to stop the giggle, David glares at Gakuto but Lieutenant Sawa continues on, as if she didn't hear anything.

"Officer Kamui will be your guardian for as long as you're in our care, though I want to express that I feel that you might not want to share with him some things.  I will also listen to any female problems or questions you want to ask."

"So basically you're the mom and he's the dad?"

Both adults blushed and Miya smirked while David stood up, breaking all romantic feeling in the room, "If I wanted to see old people get it on then I would have paid two whores."

I stand up and slam the table, trying to control my temper, "What the hell?  Did you grow up in a damn barn?"

"Where did you grow up?  At a bitch institution?"

"Come over here and let me bitch slap you!  Then you'll know."

"I don't go to bitches, they come to me."

"Only bitches that go to you are the ones you pay!"

"Here" he threw a dollar at me and I laughed.

"I should have known, cheap.  I bet you're also cheap in bed, have you ever felt up a real woman in bed?"

"David, sit down!" Lieutenant Sawa ordered and he obeyed, I sat back down after Gakuto gave my arm a tight squeeze.

"Miya…"she started out, her voice taking a serious tone, "there are things that you must know about, you have woken up to a time where the peaceful era is ending.  Starting about ten years, people from the past have been appearing back in this time.  Along with these people, evil clones have been appearing as well."

"Evil clones?" I laugh, David glares at me.

What is his problem!?

"This isn't a joke, these creatures somehow grab our bodies and can take a strand of our DNA and use it for their own purpose" David tried to scare me but I wasn't couldn't have cared less about what came out of his mouth.

"So they have my DNA?" I asked the adults and ignore the other teen.

"We won't know until a week or so, when we'll get cases of people who look like you.  The cases will catch attention.  These creatures have the power to manipulate buildings and entire towns, causing entire chaos.  Seeing as how we found you above this town, which means that the cases will appear here first before spreading."

I lean into my chair, "What do they want?"

David laughs at my question, "What else?  World domination, they made that clear when they almost destroyed an entire town."

"So what do you want me to do?" I hiss at him, he smirks.

"Don't you wonder why you were at the hospital?"

The adults tried to say something but I cut them off, "I was in a car accident you moron, I'm sure I had tons of wounds.  No one survived it."

"Car accident?  Let me tell you, if you were damaged then those creatures would have healed you first, they have to or else our DNA would copy the wound.  Whenever you were found, I assure you, you were completely fine."

"Then…why?"  I ask while looking back and forth between the two adults but they looked away, fear gnawed on my insides.  Suddenly Lieutenant Sawa cleared her throat.

"Back with the first case, we couldn't destroy the creatures.  We shot everything we could and even tried trapping them.  It wasn't until the boy stepped up, the one who they copied the DNA from.  We can't figure it out why, but the original person is able to see pass the creatures disguise."

I silently whispered "Oh" but she shook her head, stopping me from asking any questions.

"There is a side effect, in a year's time, the boy fell completely blind and in the end he died which thankfully the creatures had found a new target at the time.  We learned, he went blind and died from using the power to see through the creatures."

You want me to die…again!?  "Um, I'm sorry" I started out as I stood up, "but I just came back from being dead, I appreciate all that you have done for me.  Everything is just wonderful, it's not you guys it's me.  I just don't feel like dying in a year from now."

Gakuto gave my hand a friendly squeeze and gently pulled me back down, which I didn't dare fight, "That was ten years ago.  We found out what happened and we fixed it, you won't die from using your power."

"How did you fix it?"

"Let me explain" Lieutenant Sawa stood up, the room went dark and a projection started.  On the table was a hologram of a random boy that I hadn't seen before.  "While the boy was with us, we ran tests on him and discovered the power.  The reason why originals can see beyond the copies, is that the creatures can't make complete copies…at least so far.  Their behavior will also be different, and sometimes even the appearance is different.  We also discovered that it's the dominate eye that is used, not both."

I leaned back and whispered to my caretaker, "Dominate eye?"

"One side of our body is stronger than the other, hence the hand we write with, the way we bat and that" he answered as if he was a teacher, which was also handsome.

"I don't get it though still, how does knowing that, help me not die?"

The lights turned back on and Lieutenant Sawa sat back down, staring directly at me.

"We operated on you and planted a mechanical device behind your eye, it amplifies your eye which is the power source for your skill.  It will make you tired the first few times you use it but after a while, it won't affect you at all."

Eye operation?  My mind suddenly put the pieces together, when I woke up the first time…they must have just done the surgery.  They removed my eye and put it back in!?  Gakuto's hand on mines finally gave me a tight squeeze that jolted me out of that train of thought.

"Are you okay Miya?"

Shutting my eyes, my mind was suddenly aware of the device in my eye and acted as if I could feel it.  I was sure I couldn't but now since I knew of it, I 'felt' gears turning behind my eye, even my hearing was playing tricks, I now 'heard' the soft humming.

I'm just a military tool now, I died and came back to life only because they needed me to destroy the creatures.  What am I going to do?  If I can't destroy them, then what?  They'll destroy me?  I will have my eyes removed and placed into someone else?  Do they think I'll purposely not destroy them?  If they do, then I'll be put in some jail or tortured until I do.  No!  I don't want that to happen!

"Miya!  Snap out of it!" a sharp tug of my ponytail made me almost fall out of the chair and I punched the attacker, as hard as I could.  Turns out to be Lieutenant Sawa but Gakuto stood between my fist and the woman.

Apparently when I was mind surfing, the two adults had gotten up and hovered around me to try to wake me up.

"I'm sorry" I whisper while holding my head, a headache was forming.

Lieutenant Sawa bent over to me and gave me a pet on the head, "It's a lot to take in.  You can go to your room if you wish or go shopping now.  Flame, you will go with them."

"…Why?" I couldn't see if he was glaring at me but I was sure he was.

"You are the closest thing she has to a friend."

He's the closest thing I have to make me strangle someone!

"Friend?  Sure then, I'll be glad to help."

The hell?!  I stared at him as he stands up and exits the room, he's going to make the trip a nightmare, isn't he? I sigh, someone put me back in the exploding car.

Gakuto looks at his commander, "I think Jade would be better for this."

"Well she still isn't back."

"Why would you send me?  I'm horrible at fashion."

She laughed and patted his chest, "You somehow come out looking wonderful, I'm sure there's a fashion god sleeping inside of you."


"Farwell" she waved as she exited the room.

Turning to him, I raise an eyebrow slightly, "You call her Himeko?"

His shoulders stiffen and gave me a shake smile while waving me off, "You heard that?"

"I don't care, I'm just curious at what I call her.  Should I call her Himeko as well?" I tease slightly, my heart not feeling it.

"Sure, we'll ask her on our way back in."

He led me outside, since there was nothing I needed from the room.  We exited the same way we came in, through the bathroom wall, except that it didn't lead to the hooker room.  Instead it was the main office's bathroom.  I knew because as we left the tiny room, we walked pass the desk and the manger saluted Gakuto.

We went to a silver SUV, Gakuto stood next to it and looked around for something but when I took a look, everything seemed normal.

"What's wrong?" I ask as I stand next to him, as a safety measure.

"Blue Flame should have met us here."

"Ugh, why is he coming along?  Wait, does he get to claim the front seat?"

Without waiting, I jumped into the front passenger seat and quickly buckled myself in, my Adonis laughed as he climbed in the driver seat, "It's first come, first serve."

I shrug, "Not taking any chances."

For a minute, we stayed there just waiting.  I decided to press the issue of Himeko and Gakuto's relationship.

"So…" I drawled out, catching his attention, "what's up with you and Himeko?"

He chocked at my mimic of him and turned red, "What are you talking about?" he flatly denied.

"You and Himeko seem pretty close, don't you think?"

"No, I don't think.  Ms. Miya Malfoy, are you implying that I have a thing for a superior officer of the ship?"

"Heaven no!  What do you take me for?" He nodded and turned his back to me again, "I'm not implying it; I'm telling you that you have a thing for a superior officer."


I laughed and tried to cover myself of any blows but I was still strapped in and he was fast, with no problem at all, he grabbed my sides and tickled them.  He didn't stop until my face was probably blue or his arms got tired.


Just as we were about to leave the lot, because a certain boy wasn't showing up for ten minutes of my teasing military love, David finally appeared out of the blue.  I lowered my window and glared at the bluenette, "Where were you?"

"Sorry, I–" I didn't let him finish.

"Get in the car already, we're going shopping and I don't want to hear a word out of you!  We had to wait ten minutes!"

Silently he climbed into the back seat and we took off, Gakuto put some music on that was old to me, but remembering David, was probably still new to him.  He leaned forward and gently pulled my pigtail.

"Hey!" I pull my ponytail away from him.

"Tell me what your time is like."

Easing back into my seat, "It's not much different."

"How did that swine flu turn out?"

"It was okay, it's disappeared after a year since we were getting full of medications so we were healthy for a while."

"The war?"

"Last I checked, it was still going on.  Gakuto, whatever happened to the war?"

He shrugged, "Well seeing as how we're not fighting anyone, I would say that the war is over and everyone survived."

Rolling my eyes, I smirk at him, "That's true."

Something brushed against my neck and I jumped, ready to slap whatever it was, "How was your life back then?" David asks.

Flipping around, he was playing with the end of my ponytail and probably touched my neck with it, "My life was fine thank you very much" I snap.

He smirked at me, "Daddy issues?"

Ping!  Hit the nail right in the head.  But who was he to think he knew me?

Slap!  My hand flew faster than my mind could register what it was doing, the same with my mouth, "Don't presume to know my life!  We may be here together but don't go thinking that we were from the past that we are similar, two years is a big difference."


I turned to the driver seat, "What!?  He doesn't know me, who the hell is he to say that I have daddy issues!?" I pleaded to Gakuto, who looked shocked, as if he was the one I slapped.

David was unfazed by my assault as he let go of my hair and leaned back, "Careful Gakuto, this one has a lot of daddy issues."

Now I was getting angry, I turned as much as the seat belt would let me and glared at the boy as if they could kill, "Where the hell do you get the idea that I have daddy issues?"

"I was just taking a guess, but by how you're acting, I must have guessed right."

"You bastard, Gakuto!  Pull over!"

"Hell no!  Sit down properly, we're not having a wrestling match today!  You need to take it easy, your surgery wasn't that long ago." He ordered but it was too late.

"Get your ass over here" I shouted as I unbuckled my seatbelt and climbed to the back of the SUV.

For the next five minutes, Gakuto had lost control.

He couldn't get involve since he was driving, he couldn't pull over since we were on the highway.  The closest spot he could stop was five minutes away, normally ten but he sped the entire way.

In the back of the car was an epic battle between me and the brat.

The bluenette was fast but it wasn't helpful in a cramped spot, while I could hit hard which was very useful.  Three out of the five minutes were blurs to me, me scratching and grabbing whatever could of him which was mostly his shirt.  His head easily dodged any blows but once I was close enough, I decided that I wanted to cause him pain.

For the last two minutes, to David's horror and shock, I bit him hard.  Biting him was easier than hitting oddly.  I started from his shirt and got up to his neck before we finally pulled over and Gakuto ripped me off.

Expecting the boy to attack me while I was held back, I even tried to bit my savior but David quickly stepped outside the car.  With a simple blink of my eye, I was out of Gakuto's arms and in David's but he was pressing me against the car.  His large hand held both my wrists against the hot metal while his knee pinned me between my legs, no way to escape now.  I kept struggling for some hope of escape but after a minute, the heat got to me.

God it was hot outside.

"Flame, let her go, I think she's okay now."

He did as told and released me, letting me fall to the floor.  Gakuto tried to help me up but I slapped his hand away.

"Leave me alone!  I hate both of you!  All you guys are alike" I glared to Gakuto with tears rolling down my cheeks, "you just let him pin me!"

Standing up, I climbed back in the door and slapped the back door shut.  I didn't want to ride up front any more, I sat in the last row which was trunk space until the chairs were raised.  The men sat in the front and we drove in silence.

I cried in the seat silently, my headache was at full capacity and I still felt David's grip on my wrists.

Please, let me go home.


We silently agreed on how to shop.

I would go inside the store alone, pick out everything I wanted then leave it on the counter, then Gakuto or David would go in with the credit card and pay for it.  We did this for about three stores with no problem until the fourth store, which was lingerie.  Gakuto wouldn't even drive up to the store, he let me out almost a block away.

Shopping, I hadn't noticed the shadow behind me until they picked a pair of white underwear out of my basket.

"I thought only virgins wore white" teased the voice.

"I thought only perverted, ugly men who jerk off every night, goes into Victoria Secret and touches panties…it seems we're both right." I snap.

He laughs quietly, "Feisty, I'm sure you left a few broken hearts when you disappeared."

"Any hearts that were broken, were because they crossed me when they shouldn't have…any more questions?" I glared.

The boy was looking at a pair of polka dotted bra with matching bottoms.  I rolled my eyes and was about to look at some bras against the wall but he walked over to me

"What do you think?"

"For you?  Not so great" I smirked as I eyed the outfit, it was white with blue stars all over it, just the type of things I get.

"No, it's for you."

I looked into his eyes, waiting for him to finish the sentence but we just waited there, in silence as he held the outfit against me.  Slowly, I took it out of his hand and put it in my basket, "Thank you, I think it's perfect."

He gave me a grin before heading directly where I wanted to go, we shopped together for ten minutes before he came up with the idea.

"You should try these on!"

"What!?" I shout a little too loud, everyone in the store looks at me and my face turns pink.

He pulls me closer and whispers, "Just to make sure they fit.  We can make it like a fashion show, you have some really cute things in there."

I try to pull away from him but he plants a sweet kiss on my cheek and gives me the puppy eye treatment, my mind shuts down at his complete personality flip.  I somehow agree and get pushed into a dressing room.

At this point, I realized that I was tricked by the devil himself.  Not only was my stuff in my basket, but he must have slipped some as well.  The first outfit I walk out with is a silky red combo with the word 'naughty' written on the front on my undies.

He walks up to me, twirling me a bit, "It's perfect."

"Me or the outfit?" I hiss as I huddle to his body, starting to feel everyone's eyes on me.

Who tries on underwear!?

Brushing some hair away from my ear, he bends down and whispers, "The outfit is perfect but you're gorgeous."

Now I know everyone was looking at me because my entire face turned Christmas red and I was shaking my head.  That, and David was laughing and telling me how cute I was when I was embarrassed, he truly was the devil reincarnated.


We decided not to go back to the car just yet since there was one more store I wanted to shop at, which was for shoes.  He carried the bags as we walked in silence, though he kept looking at me and I only noticed because I sometimes stared at him.

Just as we entered the store, I finally decided to ask, "What's with the personality switch?"

He laughs, already expecting the question, I'm sure, "I don't know, should I go back to making fun of your underwear?"

One glare and he started laughing again, holding his hands up defensively.  I was about to walk down the aisle but he stopped me.


"We don't shop like we use to."

I rolled my eyes, "Everything else is the same, why not shoes?"

"The clothes are simple to get, they're just asking you your size and shape but shoes are different, you have to get measured, then they let you pick out what style you like and then they give you the shoe to try on."

"Oh!  That sounds awesome."

"Here, let me measure you."

We slide into a changing room, which was odd since it was a shoe store.  The booth had a long seat which was for sitting, obviously, and a screen on the wall.  The screen was blank except with the store's logo.

He grabs a foot measuring ruler and gets to work, removing my shoes and socks.  It was cold at first and then got ticklish when he measured my width.  The entire time he was smiling at me and making light jokes about my 'big feet'.

He sat beside me, "Now you just chose what style you want."

The screen lit up and showed me pages worth of shoes that were my size, along with the price of them, everything was by gills instead of dollars.  David notices that I was looking at prices, since they are on the side of the screen.

"Worried about the price?" I nod and he laughs, patting my back, "Don't be, we're the military so we don't actually pay for any of this."

"Oh!  Well then" that made sense in my head and I bought any shoes that were cute, but I still went on the cheaper side.  I picked out shoes for every occasion I could possible think of and we went to the cash register, my shoes were neatly stacked up in four bags.

Maybe I went a bit overboard?  I avoided looking at the bags and instead stared at the cashier, a young man who looked like Gakuto a bit.  Not as handsome, he had electric pink hair but similar eyes and more importantly, he didn't look Asian.

David flashed a see through card through the credit card slide and the cashier gave him all the bags, which he shot me a dirty look and I countered with a sweet smile.  We exited the shop with all the bags, I agreed to carry some of the lingerie bags.

As we approached the car, Gakuto stepped out of the car and met us half way, taking the bags from David, "What took you guys so long?"

"She wanted shoes, of course" David laughed as I blushed.

"Sorry, I thought it would be okay" I apologized.

"Flame, I want to talk to you for a minute?"

I stared between the two boys, David's smile vanished and I felt the hostile air form between the two, yet again, "About?"

"No, don't be angry with him, it was my idea."

"It's not about that, it's about a mission he just came back from" Gakuto smiled and petted me head, "go inside."

He gave me all the bags and pushed me, I quickly did as told and put the bags in the trunk with the rest of my shopping.  I locked the trunk and was about to hop in the car when I saw Gakuto leading David into an alley.

Boys and their secrets!  I'll make David tell me later.

"Ah!" I screamed as I was pulled in the car, I elbowed whoever it was and threw them to the other side of the seat.

"Watch who you're hitting."

"David?" I look and sure enough, behind me was the bluenette boy.  He looked out the window and turned to me.

"Where did Gakuto go?"

I shrugged, "He went with you into the alley over there.  How the hell did you get in here?"

Bang!  Bang!

Gun shots were heard, I ducked but David pulled me back up and out of his way, jetting out of the car.  Without having to ask, I knew the gun shots must have came from Gakuto so I quickly followed David into the alley.  There, David was helping Gakuto off the floor.  I took a look around and I didn't see anything.

"What was that all about?" I asked while walking towards the boys.

Gakuto looked straight pass me and shouted, "Miya!  Look out!"

I quickly turned to see David holding a gun, aimed pass me, "D-David?"

The bluenette smirks at me, "My name is Daryl."

"Things like you don't have a name" David shouts out from behind me.

Daryl's smirk grew into a grin, "Things like me?  What does that make you?  You're already dead."

"Miya, get out of the way" David ordered me, I was about to take a step but Daryl pointed the gun at me now.

"Not so fast, gorgeous" My blood boiled, just how long was this clone with us?  "if you move out the way, then your precious Gakuto will get shot.  Before he can take a good look at me, I'll have killed your protector and then what?"

"I'm sorry David" I heard David disapproval grunt but I stayed perfectly still.

"Miya…let me die" Gakuto said.

"No!  Shut up, don't be a hero." My hands clenched up.

"Miya, it's more important to kill this thing then Gakuto's life so move!" Came David's voice but right now, I was feeling hurt.  I was deceived, I wasn't in love with him but I was starting to enjoy having him around.  I held my head tightly and fought back the tears, I'm so tired of crying over guys!

Daryl looked at me, "Daddy issues are coming out?"

The creature started laughing, going into a maniacal laugh.  I thought about if I could jump out the way, if David could catch a good enough glimpse.

I didn't need to do that thought, a man walked into the alley.  Blonde hair up to his neck and dark sunglasses, a purple scar over his right eye, he wore all black with a high collar coat.  He had 'trouble maker' written all over him, much like David.  Daryl stopped laughing and turned to the new guy.

"Who are you?"

The man took off his glasses, showing his ruby glowing red eye, "We have been watching you, and we do not approve of your actions.  We don't know how you got here but it's time for you to go back."

Go back?  Who is this guy?

"No one is sending me back!  No one!" Daryl screamed and cocked the gun, my eyes widen as I took a step back but the gun fired.

I closed my eyes and braced myself for the bullet but when I open my eyes, the stranger was holding me in his arms as he swiftly moved me out of the way.  The bullet was aimed at my head so thankfully it instead just found itself a wall.

David stared at Daryl, his right eye glowed and green aura seemed to have been coming out it but then Daryl let out a terrifying scream before turning into black dust.  The man turned to the boys.

"That was close."

"Put her down" David ordered, now both men were standing up and guns aimed at the stranger, I looked between the two.

"Hey now, take it easy, I'm right here you know, if you miss then I'll be the one getting hit" I tried to reason.

Gakuto lowered his gun but David didn't budge, "What if he's one of the other's clones?"

The stranger chuckled, "A clone?  Sorry but I'm my own person, I just happened to be passing when I heard the gun shots and saw this young lady walking into this alley."

I stare at the man, if you're a normal person then I'm a one legged pig that wants bacon! The man lowers his glasses and winks at me, I turn my head with a quiet 'hmpfh'.  Gakuto walks over to me, the stranger puts me down.

"Are you okay?" Gakuto asks while holding my arm, I nod and turn around to find the stranger already walking away.  David tries to shout something but I beat him to it.

"Hey, what's your name?"

He turns back to us, "Why do you want to know?"

Crossing my arms, I look at him sideways, "What girl doesn't want to know the name of her one and only savior?"  As if, you're a clone!  You horrible liar, you're eyes are glowing red for heaven's sake!  Can't anyone else see!?

"Alphonse, but call me Al, you are?"

"Miya but you can call me Miya" I joked while smiling, for some reason I felt as if I could trust this guy.

He bowed his head, "I hope to see you again, Miss Miya."

With that he was gone but his name was in my head, "Alphonse…"

David slapped me across the head rather hard, "Ow!  What the fuck!" I hiss but the two men walk ahead of me.

Smirking, "I can guess what happened and don't get it confused, you're not my type.  The minute you think I'm hitting on you, shoot me between the eyes."

"Don't worry, the minute you start hitting on me I'll make sure to shoot you between your legs" I threaten as we walk back to the SUV.
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